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Statement of Work: WordPress Monthly Maintenance Plan

Master Services Agreement

This Statement of Work (“SOW”) is subject to the terms and conditions of the SAU/CAL Terms of Service. As noted in the Terms of Service, this SOW and the Terms of Service together comprise a legally binding agreement between us. When you purchase this Service from us you accept the terms of the Terms of Service and of this SOW.

Overview of Services Under This SOW

All WordPress websites require routine updates to maximize stability and security. This agreement will help ensure that Your business runs smoothly by ensuring Your website (and its components) stay up-to-date.

Under the terms of this SOW, Saucal will make available its developers and other technical staff on a monthly basis for regular WordPress maintenance.

What We’ll Do For You

Saucal will check Your website every month. We will analyse Your current plugins and WordPress core version to determine whether anything needs upgrading. If a system needs upgrading we’ll execute the upgrades or provide You with a written explanation for why that’s not possible or desirable (from a usability, technical or security standpoint).

Major Revisions To Your Software

From time-to-time, WordPress, WooCommerce and other software platforms release a new major revision that necessitates major changes to websites that use it. Usually these major revisions bring significant benefits (such as improved security). It’s possible that a major revision would require time per month then this agreement provides for. We will attempt to notify You of major revisions and provide an estimate of the work required to upgrade.

Monthly Fee

You will be charged the price set forth on the Service description page per month.

Emergency Rate

If You have an emergency plugin or WordPress core update situation that requires urgent attention then we shall charge You the rate per hour set forth on the Service description page, billed in fifteen minute increments. You will be given the choice (and not billed without prior approval) if You would like to pay the emergency rate or have Your work processed in the usual manner.

Service Window

If there is a specific time during the month when You’d like us to schedule upgrades (or not) then please let us know so that we can attempt to accommodate Your schedule.

Services To Be Provided

Saucal shall provide the following services, within Your budget where possible, according to the priorities that You establish:

  • Theme & plugin updates
  • WordPress Core updates
  • Permissions fixes
  • Unit testing for high priority plugins (if and as discussed)
  • Testing updates on staging server (if and as discussed)